Science & natural history at Milden Hall

Adaptation to habitat

Activities available depend on time of year and age of students (whether they are KS1 or A-level) but the aim is always to understand more about different farm habitats and ecosystems – through a mixture of scientific investigation, games, art and drama. We can tailor days to your curriculum needs around the year to cover themes such as:

  • Camouflage & sounds
  • Plants & animals in the local environment
  • Adaptation to habitat
  • Water & wildlife
  • Trees, shrubs & woodland
  • Semi-natural habitat/Ecological communities

Numerous activities at different Key Stages are offered including:

  • In-depth environmental science GCSE/A-level study of key habitats such as ancient woodland, ponds
  • Pond dipping with games such as stickleback tag, froggy flick and what am I?
  • Woodlands & trees with leaf & berry bingo, woolly worms and hedgehog hibernation homes
  • Wildlife under logs and snail racing
  • Life on a stinging nettle
  • Hedges with hedge dating and build a nest
  • Wildflower meadows with insect netting, flower pressing and meadow in a matchbox
  • Seasonal scavenge hunts
  • Moth trap finds and camouflaged releases
  • Orienteering including habitats, history or the migration game
  • Clues from poos
  • Poetry and performance
  • Conservation challenges
  • Orienteering (themed eg habitat)

Thank you again for a fabulous day ...the children learnt a tremendous amount and having taught habitats many times before, I can already see the huge benefit of spending even just one day with someone as experienced and knowledgeable as yourself in the children's work and ability to discuss the topic confidently. (Gemma Kent, The Lyceum in London June – 1 day yr 4 studying habitats)


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