Country crafts & skills at Milden Hall

Explore, enjoy and respect the countryside

Activities vary with time of year and availability of tutor but here’s a taster of activities that can be done as part of an eco-challenge team day;

  • Skin a rabbit or pluck a pheasant
  • Make a fire that leaves no trace
  • Whittle hazel sticks with penknives
  • Sew leaves
  • Design, collect for & weave flower garlands
  • Make baskets
  • Weave spheres & birds
  • Make rush platters
  • Forage responsibly for free food – fungi, berries
  • Conservation challenges – tree planting, transplant turves, bee nests
  • Identify trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, insects
  • Put on a play to get a green message across
  • I’m a cool green teenager
  • So you want to be a nature reserve warden
  • Make nettle soup

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