Milden Hall on-farm activities for schools

The following are the types of activity days that can be organised on the farm with little need to organise transport elsewhere. However, as we are in the heart of an incredibly rich historic rural area full of beautiful villages which grew wealthy on wool and cloth in medieval and Tudor times, we recommend that you do explore the local area as part of your itinerary – be it via history, art, PE or some other curricular excuse!

Most themed activities can be adapted to suit KS2, KS3, GCSE or A-level students. And we are always open to designing specific days around a particular theme. Just discuss your needs with us. Farm accommodation and activities are all risk-assessed.

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Eco-adventure activities

Cross-curricular activities – science, geography, PHSE, PE, English, art – are used to explore certain themes and develop an understanding and respect for the environment, and what we can do to minimise our impact on the environment

  • Trees & woodland – understand sustainable woodland management through study and games – tree hugging, tree interviewing, and end with garland making before the celebratory tree feast in the barn, or round the camp fire.
  • Water – understand man’s impact on our precious water resource at a farm level through pond ecology, art in nature, cookery
  • Environment & habitat activities – science study through observation and games the natural history of plant, fungi, insect, bird and mammal species in different woodland, wetland, grassland, hedge and other habitat
  • Habitat orienteering – from woodland to ancient pond to hedge to veteran tree following clues and answering questions
  • Country crafts & skills – a day of practical challenges from tree planting to designing a living willow sculpture and brain-teasing dilemmas to solve in teams.


History adventure activities

We have a small farm museum with farm finds from prehistoric axe heads to Roman coins, medieval pottery, Victorian buttons and World War II bullets. Our farm buildings date from the 1580s and we’ve had WWII evacuees, prisoners of war and army officers all stay at Milden. We can offer a flavour of different eras - in costume re-enacting if you like!

  • Tudor farm life – re-enact a day in the life of a Tudor peasant – wear the clothes, forage for food, poach a rabbit, make & eat a potage, whittle hazel, feed the pigs, bring in the harvest, celebrate a festival in the farming calendar, visit nearby Lavenham guildhall (National Trust)
  • WWII evacuation – re-enact a day in the life of an evacuee – wear the clothes, make your rations go further, check out Land Army girl skills, test your knowledge with a war artefact quiz
  • Archaeology on the farm – learn to fieldwalk, metal detect and process finds responsibly
  • History orienteering – work out your route with compass, map & clues – hedge dating, pond origins, Norman castle

Art, craft & the environment

Usually art and craft activities are included within other days as part of the programme but we can arrange tutors for whole days on art and craft themes such as:

  • Drawing & painting wildlife, buildings, landscape
  • Photography - somewhere inspirational to get lots of photos and experiment for GCSE/A-level portfolios
  • Working with willow & rush
  • Dying with natural dyes, spinning & felt-making
  • Hedgerow basket making
  • Art-in-nature creations and installations (Goldsworthy style)


Milden team challenges

Take a day to complete all the following as a team challenge:

  • Sports challenge - tennis, table tennis, table football, badminton, croquet, football, boules, orienteering
  • Eco-challenge - practical challenges from tree planting to designing a living willow sculpture and brain-teasing dilemmas to solve in teams.

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