Second World War evacuees

Activities depend on time of year and age of children but most groups arrive as evacuees with a gas mask and a small suitcase of possessions and experience life on the farm. At Milden there have been prisoners of war, evacuees and an anti-aircraft gun unit during the war and our small farm museum houses finds from the time.

We adapt days to your curriculum needs – you can use the Tudor barn to visit other war-time places, and immerse yourselves in activities and food we can provide. Numerous activities are offered including:

  • Field walk for WW2 artefacts
  • Make rations go further – foraging in the hedges
  • Rabbit catching and skinning
  • Cook seasonal food
  • Manage the pigs – feed, straw up and clean out
  • Look after the chickens – feed, collect eggs, clean out
  • Burning plane incident
  • News reels
  • ENSA entertainment
  • See war-time planes being restored in the village ( )
  • Hoe the weeds
  • Harvest the vegetables
  • Dig for victory
  • Work in the fields
  • Collect firewood
  • Rat-catching

... Evacuees from East London – an extraordinary experience, fantastic hospitality and a graphic learning experience living as if it was March 1940. (Jeremy Rowe, The Lyceum school, 4 days in March 2011 and every year since)


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